Garlic Laccha Paratha Recipe | Lahsun Ka Paratha Recipe

Garlic Laccha Paratha Recipe

Garlic Laccha Paratha (Lahsun ka Paratha) is an easy flatbread recipe that works as a healthy alternative to the traditional vegetable stuffed paratha. It can be served with ketchup or curd for lunch or dinner. My husband loves the same monotonous plain roti for his dinner. We usually prepare Alu Parathas also at home, but this time I tried my hands onto Garlic Laccha Paratha. Here is a step by step recipe for you all. 

Garlic Laccha Paratha - Lahsun Paratha

Ingredients for making Dough

Whole wheat flour (one cup)

Refined flour (two cups)

Oil (1 teaspoon)

Salt to taste

Water as required. 

Preparation steps for Dough

Take a mixing bowl, add the above ingredients, add water as required to make soft dough.

Make sure the dough is neither too soft nor too loose.

Apply oil on the dough surface, cover it with cloth and rest it for 30 minutes.

Ingredients for Garlic mixture

Ginger garlic chopped (1/4th cup)

Green chillies (3 or 4 numbers chopped)

Fresh coriander (1 tablespoon)

Melted butter (2 tablespoon)

Black pepper powder (a pinch)

Salt (a pinch)

Red chilli flakes (one teaspoon)

Preparation steps for Garlic mixture

Add all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix well.  Keep it aside. 

Preparation of Lachha Garlic Paratha:

After resting the dough, divide the dough in equal sized balls. Now coat the dough balls in a dry flour, it into thin chapati with the help of rolling pin.

Add a spoon of garlic mixture and spread over the chapati. Gently press the filling with spoon.

Now use a knife and cut the chapati into thin strips.

laccha paratha recipe lahsun paratha

Sprinkle some dry flour and slowly collect the strips together towards one side.

Roll the collected strips by tucking inwards like a Swiss roll. Now tuck the end inwards, flatten with hands. Sprinkle dry flour over it.

With the help of rolling pin, flatten the thick paratha.

Heat the tawa on medium flame. Put the paratha on tawa and cook on one side approximately for a few seconds. Flip and cook the other side similarly.

Now apply ghee or oil on both the sides and cook until it turns golden brown.

Serve Garlic Laccha Paratha with ketchup or curd!

garlic laccha paratha recipe

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