About - Foodie Reecha

Hi everyone and welcome to Foodie Reecha!

I am Reecha Thakkar, the author of this blog - Foodie Reecha. I keep abreast of food trends, videos and read various food blogs. I am an avid foodie and I love cooking. 

Through this blog, I will share countless delicious dishes and easy methods to make them. Just make sure you have the right ingredients!

About me and my family:
Born and bought up in Hyderabad, I shifted to Mumbai after my marriage. I belong to a Gujarati family. I draw inspiration of cooking from my mother. She is a great cook. I grew up eating healthy, fresh and delicious food cooked by her. 

What will you find on my blog?
My honest effort would be to share a variety of recipes ranging from simple ones to party delicacies. Food is a subjective thing where no two cooks would think alike. So feel free to use my recipes and customise them based on your liking. 

If you have any queries or would like to get in touch, reach me at:

Thanks for your support. Happy Cooking. 

Khaao aur Khilaao!